Corporate Scavenger Hunts

There are many team building activities that a corporation has to choose from. One fun event, that doesn’t even need to disrupt work that much, is a corporate scavenger hunt.

Corporate scavenger hunts can be scheduled for Monday, “Dull Days”. This back to work activity can add excitement and joy to participants’ lives. Think about the adventure that can be had in turning Monday morning into team building. All the organizer needs to do is come in over the weekend to set up the props, if these are required.

One disadvantage to props is that there can be cheating. Even though people say afterwards that they didn’t know you weren’t supposed to remove a prop once you’ve found it, it’s a given. You need to warn the participants that this is fun and there will be prizes. However, if the winning team cheats, then the prizes will be distributed among the other teams and their team will be completely disqualified.

The point of scavenger hunts, aside from fun, is to foster healthy competition. Competition becomes unhealthy when the teams participate in unethical behavior. The company needs to show the employees that they care about cheating and ethics. They should not let any group ruin the fun of this event.

Corporate events are meant to spark joy and playfulness in the hearts of the participants. One of the key elements of work according to many experts, is creativity and play. That sense of adventure in discovery that people has as kids needs to be tapped into in the workplace as well.

Organizations that seemingly fun are those that are missing out on finding the right type of employees. Fun is a key part of the experience of a worker and is contagious. It helps the brand to prosper and corporate culture to thrive.